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All I want for Christmas…

Tea Time Blog - All I want for Christmas

All I want for Christmas this year is a bit of love and respect in the world! I am not a religious person. I do not believe in god as I am very rational and only believe in things that there is proof for. I love Christmas for many other reasons than because of its religious background. If I could choose, I would not even call it Christmas but rather the celebration of love because in the end, that is what it is all about for me!

I like the concept of having a few days every year that force us to relax and spend time with our family and friends. No shops are open, there is not much else you can do and everything looks very pretty with the Christmas lights and all the decorations. Especially in a dark time like this, it is nice to have some warmth and light around.

But then I think of all the war and hate that’s in the world! It starts with small fights and arguments within families and it ends with big wars and disrespect for other people’s believes and lifestyles. I might not believe in god but I am very much respecting other people who do (or who believe in anything else for that matter). I was not brought up in a religious way but I still learned about values. The only thing that counts for me is that we do not hurt anybody with our believes as that is just wrong! Everybody should be whoever they want to be – as long as there is no harm against anybody else – I am perfectly fine with that!

I think, we should all become a little bit more open minded and maybe we should think of Christmas as a celebration of love as that is a concept EVERYBODY in this world can relate to. Everybody has family and friends who they love and these days should be spend with them in peace, love and respect no matter what choices they made for their lives! No matter if they believe in the same things as we do ourselves, no matter if they are gay or straight, no matter if they are black or white and no matter which country they are from.

I get very angry when I hear, supposedly religious people, speak about how you should love your next but then do not respect any other lifestyle than their own! That is not love, that is not respect and that certainly is not a strong believe in religion!

So all I want for Christmas this year is a little bit more love and respect in this world! Having said that, I wish you all a great time with your loved ones!

A Happy Celebration of Love!

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  1. Believe me, as a Christian it is so, so hard hearing so called other Christians spout hate. Please know you do have a God-loving friend who believes we are ALL equal and all deserve love. Happy holidays to you! xo


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