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Waves of Happiness

Today I have been at the ocean! I know, it is February and in the UK that means that it is freezing cold, gray and rainy but still, I made my way to the sea and it was great! There were not that many people around at the beach and the sky looked as if it was going to rain in the next second. It was also a bit windy and relatively chilly but being the ocean loving person I am I just did not care!

Waves of Happiness

Sitting there at the ocean, watching and listening to the waves made me happy. I could have stayed there forever just listening to the relaxing sounds of the waves breaking at the coast and the noises of the sea gulls. Staring at the ocean has this magical comforting effect on me. No matter how bad things are in life, seeing the ocean makes me happy and it gives me the feeling that the whole world is out there just waiting for me to discover it! The expanse in front of me makes me feel as if the world is endless.

The ocean has the opposite effect as mountains on me. When I am in the mountains, I usually feel hemmed by those big walls of mountains around me. It is ok to be on the top of a mountain but just if it is the highest one around. I need to see the distance! It shows me that I have options and that my life can go into different directions!

Being at the ocean makes me smile! On my way back to London, I felt extremely calm and relaxed and while listening to my most favourite kind of music, I had a smile on my face the whole time! This was just another perfect day. It was good to get out of the busy city for just a few hours and enjoy the beauty of the water. Now I feel happy and relaxed and prepared for the new week!

I will be going to bed with a smile on my face tonight! :-)

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