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We are going on a Roadtrip!

Good morning lovelies!!! Yes, you heard right!!!! Me and my boyfriend booked our flights to the US on Sunday and we CAN’T WAIT to go! One more month to go and so much to do until then!!! This is not a holiday that you can do without any sort of planning ahead as it was the case with our Greek holiday. This time, we have to plan and book stuff in advance!

What we know until now is that we are going to travel to New York the beginning of October and come back 2 1/2 weeks after that also from New York. Everything between these two dates is, well, a grey area…

As we have free accommodation with a friend in the Big Apple, we will certainly stay there for a few days but we also want to see Boston, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Toronto, the Niagara Falls and everything else that is worth seeing at the north east coast of the US.

New York City Travel Guide

Like every time when I travel, I already ordered travel guides and will spend the following 4 weeks planning routes, booking hotels and attractions and just find out what we are going to do to make the most out of 2 1/2 weeks in the US!

If you guys have any ideas what I should definitely not miss out on, please share so that I can include it in my bucket list!!! THANKS in advance!!!!

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  1. Jana- If you want to travel to the Boston area from NYC, try Bolt bus ( or MegaBus ( They are bus shuttles that run approx almost every hr to and from the two cities. The drive is about 4 hrs. If not, you can try the amtrak train ( which will take you to and from the two cities ALOT faster but will be more expensive. They also all have routes from NYC to other nearby out of state cities.
    Have fun! Best, Kellie


    • Thanks so much for the hint! We will definitely keep that in mind when planning out our trip! Last year I went from NYC to Boston by car all by myself because I wanted to stop in New Haven to visit Yale University. Maybe we are going to rent a car again to have a look at the coastal towns between NYC and Boston and take the bus or train back afterwards. Do you have any hotel recommendations for Boston?


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