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Why “Happy” and “Birthday” do not go separate ways… yet…

Yesterday was my birthday and because of that, I prepared a little evening get together with friends and my boyfriend’s family. As it was the middle of the week, I did not want to do a huge party.

I love organizing little get togethers for small groups of people. Yesterday, I had around 13 guests. I tried to offer an assortment of different snacks and drinks for them. Due to my lack of time during the last few weeks, my boyfriend’s mum was so nice as to help me out a bit preparing some of the food. One thing she prepared which was extremely delicious were German “Seelen” – a very famous South-German pastry:


“Seele” means soul in English. Seelen are very similar to baguettes. You can find them with all sorts of flavours and toppings around southern Germany. Really yummy and if you ever come to the South of Germany you should try them!!! The self-made Seelen are obviously the best you can get but the bakery in our little village also bakes great ones!

Together with the Seelen, I made some fresh veggies that came together with a fresh and creamy herbs dip – a healthy sort of snack that works perfectly with bread and vegetables:

Vegetables and Dip

Apart from the Seelen, my boyfriend’s mum baked a birthday cake for me. I loved the cute little cake that was prepared with so much love! It tasted great and what would a birthday be without a birthday cake?

Birthday Cake

I actually received 1 ½ birthday cakes this year! Why 1 ½? That is due to a very funny and lovely idea from my dear friend Nadine who decided to send me a birthday cake. Obviously, sending a whole cake would not work out and it would probably have arrived in a million small pieces not looking like a birthday cake at all. That is why she sent me a baking mix and a recipe so that I can bake my own birthday cake! J I love the idea and I am sure it will be delicious once I manage to bake it – since it is a baking mix there is even almost a guarantee that I’ll manage to do this as baking usually is not one of my kitchen strengths…

I’ll inform you about the results of the second cake later on!

Surrounded by lovely people and great food, I had a great birthday – my last one before the scary big 3 will appear in my age!!! As I was told earlier, with the age of 30, happy and birthday go separate ways… I’ll let you know if this holds true a year from now!

Do you have any special birthday traditions when celebrating your, a friend’s or a family member’s birthday? Please share below!

I wish you all a great weekend! I will be off to London this weekend (more about my travels, you can find on my travel blog. Speak to you next week!

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