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Work-Life Balance

I am not feeling well. There is something wrong with my stomach and I am not surprised. Lately, I have not taken care of my body or my health. The last time I went grocery shopping to buy healthy stuff was ages ago! I did not sleep a lot and did not take any time to relax. I have been working non stop except of for a few hours in the evening. Even yesterday, on a Sunday, I was working most of the day. Now I am sitting here with a stomach ache and feeling sick. At some point your body pays you back and makes you rest.

I think we should listen to our body more often and we should know when it is too much that we ask from our body. Today I decided to stay at home and work from here. This way, I am not running from one meeting to another or talk to people on the phone the whole day. I am lying in bed with my laptop and take it slowly. One thing after another and I am trying to work down my to do list.

Of course, I could have gone to work but would that have helped? I would have been there eating unhealthy again because I did not take the time to cook yesterday and I would have been stressed once again. Today I am balancing it and will take time to just rest and read a book for a few hours during the day. I will also make a trip to the supermarket to get some healthy food and cook a nice and healthy lunch and dinner for myself.

Something has to change! My Work-Life Balance is almost none existing! I would say, from the time I am awake I work at least 85% and the remaining 15% I take for myself but it should not be like that! My life cannot go on like that because if it does, I will get really sick and I know people who have spent their whole life working like hell and then, in the end, they got seriously sick. That is not what I want and I am trying to fight against it.

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