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Why this year made me happier than any other year before

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2014 has been an absolut blast! I can’t believe it is already over! It all started off pretty bad with me losing my job but then everything changed! Today I would like to say goodbye to this amazing year and tell you why it made me happier than any other year before:

The love of my life asked me to marry him

This was definitely THE best thing that happened this year, or ever for that matter! I cannot describe how happy this is making me!!!

I was finally brave enough to start my own business

Ok, I was kind of forced into this but who cares. Maybe losing my old job was just the last kick in the butt that I needed to finally get going with what I love and always wanted to do. Being my own boss is wonderful and even though it needs a lot of time, patience and work, I love what I am doing and it does not feel like work at all.

We moved into our first house

Moving is always exciting but usually, I moved from one rented flat into another. Renovating a complete house is a totally different thing. I love the outcome of our house even though it is still a work in progress. But having my own office space is brilliant and helps me a lot with my new business. Every time we have visitors over they look into my home office and say That’s how every office should look like

I also love how much space we now have and that we have a garden! It was hard work to do all of that but it was so much worth it!!!!

I came up with some new business ideas

Once you’ve started to execute an idea, you will find your brain flooded by even more and even better ideas all the time! It is amazing, motivating and keeps me busy all the time. There are days I wish I had more time to work on all my ideas!!!

As I said before, 2014 was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. but 2015 is going to be even better than this year as both my best friend and me are getting married! We are planning a great vacation for our honeymoon and I can’t wait to tell you more about our plans next year!

How has your year been? What made it special?

Thanks a lot for stopping by my blog! If you like my posts, please spread the word! Thanks in advance!!!

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2 Kommentare

  1. As I come to think about it, nothing big happened in 2014. I had many small everyday happy things and did some traveling. I consiously made a decision to keep the second half of the year more low key than the first part. So no big events to remember, just an generally happy year.

    I am so so very happy for your year and your engagement. I hope with all my heart that your wedding is as perfect as you want it to be and that 2015 brings you more happy moments! xx


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