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You Cannot Overdo Luxury

As I mentioned earlier, we went back to Kos and to the Diamond Deluxe Hotel a few weeks ago! You might remember this name from last year. If you ever look for a place to relax and regain power, this is the place you want to go.

With only 110 rooms, the hotel is spread out widely giving all its guests enough space to themselves without being isolated or lonely. The pool area is around 2,000 square meters wide – ideal if you wanna go for a swim, but it has more to offer than just that. The sun beds are amazing and the most comfortable ones I’ve ever lied down on! After the first three hours I spent just lying on my sun bed, reading the new Dan Brown novel (“Inferno” is a brilliant holiday read! It is so compelling that you cannot stop reading!!!) and enjoying the sun, I was feeling 100% relaxed!

Diamond Deluxe Hotel KosA hotel with style… 

Diamond Deluxe Hotel KosMoments of luxury at the Diamond Deluxe Hotel 

Diamond Deluxe Hotel Kos

Diamond Deluxe Hotel KosFancy a Massage? 

Diamond Deluxe Hotel KosGreat times at the Diamond Deluxe Hotel in Kos!!! Couldn’t be more relaxed… 

On top of that, I loved the food that has been offered in the Emerald Restaurant for breakfast and dinner (see more pictures on my travel blog).

Diamond Deluxe Hotel KosThat’s how we started the day!!! Could not ask for more…

Diamond Deluxe Hotel KosGood Morning from the Diamond Deluxe Breakfast room

Diamond Deluxe Hotel KosGreek dinner appertizers! 

For a light snack, amazing cocktails and great conversations stop by at the pool bar. Sometimes you just need a break from the sun and the pool bar is the ideal place to take this break. You also have free wifi here if you desperately need to check emails, Facebook, Twitter etc…

Diamond Deluxe Hotel KosPoolbar: Life could be worse… 

Diamond Deluxe Hotel KosLittle white chocolate treat!!! Amazing taste and surprisingly refreshing as it is served cold…

Diamond Deluxe Hotel KosGreat cocktails and nuts!!! 

Diamond Deluxe Hotel KosAnother great cocktail from Dimitris, the bar keeper at the Diamond Deluxe Hotel… 

Diamond Deluxe Hotel KosA really strong Long Island Icetea!!! 

Diamond Deluxe Hotel KosThis cocktail was mixed especially for me!!! It’s called Mimi! 

Diamond Deluxe Hotel KosAfternoon drink at the pool bar at the Diamond Deluxe Hotel on #kos It has been a great & relaxing day!!! 

Diamond Deluxe Hotel Kos The Diamond Deluxe has the best mojitos in the world!!! 

Diamond Deluxe Hotel Kos Diamond Club Sandwich… Yum!!!!

Diamond Deluxe Hotel Kos Finally in the hotel we were supposed to stay, we started our holiday with a traditional greek salad!!! 

But what I love most about the Diamond Deluxe Hotel is the overall design and style starting in the reception area and fulfilled to its best in the guest rooms! But see for yourself why they live up to their motto “You cannot overdo Luxury”…

Diamond Deluxe Hotel Kos I just love the style of the Diamond Deluxe Hotel 

Diamond Deluxe Hotel Kos You can certainly not overdue luxury!

Diamond Deluxe Hotel Kos The Little White Book has all the information we need… 

Due to an overbooking, we had to stay in a different hotel for the first night. Unfortunately, Thomas Cook did not help out at all in order to solve the issue for us. They basically put us in the other hotel (a +500 rooms resort including animation, club dance and all the other annoying things we wanted to avoid…) and decided that the problem was solved. On top of that, they treaded us in such a rude way that we are never going to book with them again!

Only because we contacted the hotel ourselves, we were able to transfer to the Diamond Deluxe the day after our arrival! We even got a Diamond Suite to stay in for the whole duration of our stay and the whole team was performing at its best in order to provide a memorable stay in the end – which they did!!!

What a luxury – 2 rooms, huge bathroom and a private pool with ocean view! We certainly could not have asked for more! Have a closer look:

Diamond Deluxe Hotel Kos Without words…

Diamond Deluxe Hotel Kos This was the view we woke up 

Diamond Deluxe Hotel Kos Our lovely bedroom!!! Totally our style!!! 

Diamond Deluxe Hotel Kos We loved our private pool and terrace with ocean view at the Diamond Deluxe Hotel!!! 

Have you been to a similar place? Let me know as we are looking for places like these for our upcoming holidays!

Have a great rest of the week!

‘Till next post!

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