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#‎1picaday‬ – My March Wrap-Up

March has been an incredible month. First, we were in Berlin for a week and had an amazing time at the tourism trade show. After coming home, we celebrated my 30th birthday with our friends and then went to my hometown for a weekend to celebrate again with my friends from home! Also, March was filled with loads of sunshine and warm temperatures which made me extremely happy as it allowed us to be outside, to have BBQs, to go mountain biking and to have a lot of ice cream!

In terms of baking and cooking, I had a great month as well. I tried so many new things such as the braided nut loaf, the swimmingpool cake or making my own pasta.

All of this is summarized with my #1picaday pictures:

You want to take part in the #1picaday project as well? If you would like to join us for the April challenge, you just have to share one pic each day on Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag #1picaday and let us know, so we can post a link to your Instagram and Twitter accounts on our blogs. You can follow MilaHeatherMarie-PierCarlotta and me.

We look forward to all your amazing pictures!!!

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