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#1picaday My April Wrap-Up

Wow! This past month has been gone in absolutely no time! I had a fantastic month, and you? I went on two trips, one to Prague and one to South Tyrol which were both amazing and very much needed. On top of that, I made some really yummy things to eat and went mountain biking a few times. But see for yourself, what I have been up to:

I will continue the #1picaday challenge in May as it is really A LOT of fun!!! If you are interested in my #1picaday pictures and even more instant happenings, hop over to my Instagram account.

Your Turn:

You want to take part in the #1picaday project as well? If you would like to join us for the May challenge, you just have to share one pic each day on Instagram and/or Twitter using the hashtag #1picaday and let us know, so we can post a link to your Instagram and Twitter accounts on our blogs. You can follow MilaHeatherMarie-PierCarlotta and me.

We look forward to all your amazing pictures!!! Happy 1st of May!!!

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