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#1picaday – My January Wrap-Up

The beginning of the year, I joined three girls in their #1picaday project (You can find there accounts here, here and here). This project was all about taking a picture each day and posting it on Instagram with the named hashtag. It has been pretty great to follow what others were posting each day. Sometimes, it was hard to find a great picture but having to think about it each day made me appreciate the many good things of my life even though I was unhappy or sad some of these days.

As January is over now, I thought a little wrap-up of the first month would be in order. So here are my 31 #1picaday pictures of January:

If you wanna join the fun, just post a picture each day using the hashtag #1picaday so that we can find you!

I hope you guys are having a fantastic weekend! I have loads of stuff to do on my list this weekend including working on my company website. I just cannot decide which template to use. Does anyone have a nice idea for a cute template for a communication agency website? Please share!

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