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2 Weeks Last Minute Emergency Plan

Good evening!!! I had an awesome day today!!! Sometimes my jobs involves going to events and reporting live from there! Today was one of these days and it was an event where people could meet Germany’s next Topmodel. For those of you who have no idea whom I am talking about, here is a picture of them:

Germany's Next Topmodel 2012

I had a great time on site but it also made me realise how much I have to work on myself to look presentable again. A while ago, I told you about my diet and workout plans. Well, I was not really strict with myself and therefore I cannot see any changes to my body…

AND our Kos holiday is only 2 more weeks away so I literally have to be extremely hard to myself in order to look at least the slightest bit acceptable in my bikini at the beach because right now I am even ashamed of myself when I am sun bathing in the deck chair on the balcony where nobody can see me (well, at least I get a tan!)

So here is my new last minute emergency plan with some ground rules:

  • Drinks containing any sort of sugar are strictly forbidden (basically, I will only drink water, tea and coffee without sugar!) – no, not even wine is allowed even though I LOVE drinking wine! (this is going to be the toughest of all points…)
  • Almost no carbs!!!! I am trying to reduce it to the absolut minimum!!!!
  • Eating loads of vegetables and fruits during the day!
  • Finishing the day with a light salad!
  • Cantine food at the office is not allowed during the next two weeks! Eveything there contains soooo many calories because it is mostly cooked with cream and cheese… I know all of this tastes amazing but I will have to say no for these two weeks
  • and most importantly: Sport Sport Sport!!! At least 3-4 times a week! Today I started with a fitness podcast which was only 15 minutes long. My plan is to do this regularly and on top of that go mountain biking and maybe one fitness class a week!

Something really HAS to happen because I am really not frelig comfortable in my own body!!! Today has shown me how beautiful people can look like! Don’t get me wrong! I really don’t want to be as thin as the topmodels but a bit less fat and a bit more muscels would be awesome!!!

How are you keeping your body in shape??? Any last minute tipps to add to my emergency plan? 

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