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Tuesday Tea: A Day at the Football Stadium

Those of you, who follow me on Instagram probably have noticed that I was attending a football (soccer if you are American) match this past weekend. We had the tickets for a while now and I was happy that we were incredibly lucky with the weather. This match was perfect for us as I am a fan of the Dortmund team and Christian likes the Stuttgart team. Having these two playing against each other in a reachable distance from where we live was perfect.

Mercedes Benz Arena, Stuttgart

I have never been to a stadium before, so this was a first for me and I have to say the atmosphere in there is incredible! So many people all supporting their favorite team is great. On top of that, we had amazing seats so  that we were really close to the game and could see very well what was going on on the field.

Ticket Borussia Dortmund vs. VfB Stuttgart

Of course, I also needed some Fanwear. Unfortunately, I do not own a shirt of Borussia Dortmund but there were a lot of stands around the stadium selling various merchandise. I could not stop myself from buying this awesome hat:

Borussia Dortmund Fan

I’ve seen these kind of hats before in the UK with the Union Jack on them and always wanted one of those. Now I got one to support my team – Brilliant!

The Mercedes Benz Arena is the home of the Stuttgart team. Therefore, there were obviously more Stuttgart fans around but nevertheless, the power of the Dortmund fans was immense:

Borussia Dortmund Fans

This picture was taken right after the game, which Dortmund won by the way! It was a really good and interesting match. I was sure that Dortmund would win but then Stuttgart scored its first goal… and then the second… and suddenly, I wasn’t so sure anymore that we would win…

Right before the break, Dortmund finally scored a goal, too leading the game into another direction. That made me realize: There are still 45 minutes to go and nothing is lost yet.

After the break, Dortmund scored another two goals and won the game in the end. Christian was a bit sad as his team lost and for Stuttgart it is not going well at the moment. They are running a big risk of being moved to a lower league…

Overall, we had a great day at the stadium and I am definitely going there again at some point! It is just a totally different experience watching the game in the stadium compared to watching it on TV.

Have you ever been to a football (soccer) match? How did you like it?

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