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A DIY Project

Hello hello!!!! How are you? I am feeling a bit better today! Yesterday we went for a short 15k bike tour after work which was extremely relaxing! I still enjoy the beautiful landscape around our house so much!!! Tonight, I have my weekly bike group tour and I hope the weather will be as great as it was yesterday!

In terms of my diet, I am making good progress since my restart last week! I also found great fitness videos on youtube you can access free of charge and that can be easily done at home before or after work!!! Especially the ones for my belly are perfect!

As I mentioned on the weekend, I am really into jewlery these days! I love wearing necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings!!! My only problem now is that I just don’t know how to store all these little treasures of beauty!!!

My earrings are in a little box. This used to work fine until I started buying long necklaces… It also isn’t a good solution for my earrings since it can get annoying to find the second one of a pair and to entangle them from others!

Therefore, I am trying to figure out a better way to store my jewlery. A friend recommended a board for the wall and I really do like the idea but have no idea what kind of material to use or how to build a board like that! Do you have any DIY tips for me or any DIY descriptions online?

It should not just be practical but it should also be a bit of eye candy because I think that these carefully selected beautiful accessories deserve a nice display!

How are you storing your jewlery?

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