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A Macro Shot of a Bee

Tea Time Blog - Bee

“If the bee disappeared off the face of the earth, man would only have four years left to live.”

― Maurice Maeterlinck, The Life of the Bee

I have not been using my DLR camera for a long time but this weekend, I was finally forced to get it out of my moving box as I promised some friends to do a photo shooting with them (more about that to come…). I am so glad that I did it as I was not aware of how much I missed being behind my lens… When coming home from more than two hours of shooting, I was totally hooked and could not get enough of taking pictures!

Tea Time Blog - Bee

The fact that we have a garden with flowers in it came in handy at that time as I had the perfect occasion to take some macro shots of a bee that was sitting on one of the flowers. Having a macro lens is fantastic and even though I had been using it before, I was  – once again – impressed about the outcomes.

Tea Time Blog - Bee

I love the details you can capture so much!!! In this particular case, the colors of the background are amazing and give the bee a perfect frame, don’t you think?

Some insights on Macro Photography

What I love most about macro photography is that I can capture so many details. With other lenses, I would have to zoom in to take a more detailed post. With the macro lens, this is different as I am going very close to the object with my camera as there is no zoom available with this particular lens.

I often get asked how to get this blurry background and the sharpness of the object in focus. What I do for that is selecting a very low aperture (in the case of the bee pictures above, I was always shooting with a f2.8 aperture) and focus on one particular part of the picture that I like to stand out later on.

Tea Time Blog - Bee

Of course, I took a lot of pictures that were completely blurry and did not fit its purpose but that is the great thing about digital photography, isn’t it? I am taking a hundred shots and four of them make it on my blog later on as the rest is not good enough.

I’ve also done a similar shoot of a butterfly if you are interested in checking that out. I hope that I will get more chances to take macro shots of little animals or insects in the future.

Did you ever take macro shots of insects before? Please share your links in the comments below and let me know what you think about my pictures of this little bee.

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