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MeHi, my name is Jana and I love books, taking pictures, listening to music, watching movies and TV-Shows, cooking, eating, languages, other cultures, traveling, clothes, cosmetics, style and most of all, I love tea!!! I have started to focus a lot on photography, travel, cosmetics/clothes/style and cooking lately.

Even though I am German, I prefer writing in English. I moved back to Germany after I have been living in the UK for more than 2 years and after traveling in Australia for another 2 months. Back in Germany, I moved in with my new boyfriend, who I met in Australia, and we live in the south of Germany close to the Lake of Constance and enjoy the quiet of the countryside! Recently, we got engaged after being together for two and a half years and I am very very happy about this!

Everybody who is interested in the development of my life and my thoughts as well as my photos and / or my recipes is welcome to read this blog. Just use the “subscribe” button on the side and you get updated about all new posts right away! Feel free as well to leave comments on my posts or subscribe to my monthly newsletter (every subscriber receives a set of three motivational wallpapers for free):

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I am curious where life will take me in the near future…

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  1. You’ve visited Australia…hope you had a good time here. Glad to have found your blog…
    I think you are brave re not knowing where you want to live…I say that because I am an anxious person and need to plan and know stuff…even though rationally I know you can’t plan for everything! Looking forward to following your journey…


  2. it is a bit weird! I was exactly like that but now that I am back in Germany, everything is different. I know my way around here and no matter where I am going to live in this country, it won’t be ridiculously new to me. :-) Before, I always had to adopt to a new culture, a new language, different rules and a new way of living.

    Australia has been amazing! That was actually the first time that I did not plan ahead. I just booked my first two nights in Cairns and I thought I was just going from there and see where life will take me. And it worked out well! I traveled down the whole east coast and saw loads of the south coast as well as the capital and Tasmania! It was a great 2 1/2 months and I will come back for sure to see the rest…

    Now I am trying to find a job somewhere in Germany to settle down and earn money to finance my trips around the world! :-)


  3. Hi, I came across your page and I just have to say I love your picture on your header! I hope to follow your exciting changes…I’m in the same boat, except my life doesn’t have as much traveling as yours. I’m so jealous :)


  4. Hi, I enjoy the layout of your blog. It is very bright, girly and interesting, It’s no wonder you were nominated for “one lovely blog award.” You seem to be a very interesting person with a lot of growth going on in your life… I hope you can stop by my blog whatcherylsaid…when you get a chance and get some inspiration when you feel the need. :) Keep up the great post, keep having fun and stay positive!


    • Thank you so much! I will certainly check out your blog!!! I really enjoy writing even though i am not the best writer in the world and English is no my first language. But writing is relaxing for me! After a stressful day I love sitting down somewhere and reflect on things I’ve seen and experienced and then write about it! Even if it sometimes is impossible to write every single day, I try to write as often as I can!!!


  5. Hi, It looks like we have some things in common. My first blog name was ‘Tea Time’. After I decided to concentrate more on my writing, I changed it. But I am a tea and scones girl through and through! I am a huge fan of London though I have never lived there and I did an 8 week tour of Australia and New Zealand 4 years ago with my family. It was the time of our lives. I’ve called Germany home for 17 years and counting. I’m glad I discovered your blog. I look forward to your next adventure!


    • Thanks so much for your comment Inky! Do you still have a blog? As we have so much in common, it would be great to read some of your posts! :-)


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    • Thanks Joanna! I already answered the questions for you and the post will be up tomorrow! :-) Have a great day, too!!!


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