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Like a little bee

Today one of my colleagues asked me if I would go out for drinks tonight. My answer was no since I had my Spanish class tonight. Her reaction to that was: “you are busy all the time!!!” After thinking about this comment, I have to say yes, I am busy all the time, like a little bee – and I like it!

I have something planned more or less every evening after work. But that does usually not include going out for drinks after work with my colleagues! I’d rather do something meaningful like going to a course, a book club meeting, work for my second job, watch a movie or play or just to meet my friends and catch up with them. I see my colleagues the whole day and if I go out with them once in a while after work we usually just talk about work anyway and I just need a break from that and clear my head from work related things.

Staying at home and doimg something relaxing is also nice once in a while but I figured out that I shouldn’t do that too often because I become really lazy.

Sometimes being always active seems a bit too much to others but for me it’s just the perfect way of living! I am never bored and get so many things done! The more I do, the more productive and active I become! Last summer when I had just my master project to write and nothing else to do, I did not even manage to focus on that because I became so absolutely lazy that I spend basically every day in bed watching TV or reading a book. After a while I realised that it cannot go on like that and I started working as a volunteer in a charity bookstore. That was a great help because on those two days of the week I usually managed to do so much of my other stuff!!!!

I understand that this lifestyle is not for all people and maybe it won’t be for me at some point in the future anymore but at the moment I enjoy my life as much as I can and hanging around at home doing nothing just makes me feel as if I am missing something…

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