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Addicted to Pinterest

I have been using Pinterest for a while now and today I was looking into this new social network in more detail for work. I am working in Social Media Marketing and therefore, I am constantly watching out for new networks to see if I can use them in a valuable way for my work.

Pinterest is certainly one of those networks that look really promising and even my boss was impressed by the idea of using it for our business. Pinterest works pretty easy: Get an account and every time you see a great picture on the internet, just click the “pin it” button and the picture gets “pinned” to one of your boards. You can create different boards according to different topics. Also, you can follow other users, see their pins, repine them or comment on them!

The only problem with Pinterest is that it is totally addictive and sometimes I spend hours on it because there are just too many interesting pictures out there!!

Fellow bloggers, some of you will notice, that I have already pinned some of your pictures because I found them pretty awesome and worth the share!

I think this new network is a fantastic new idea and results show that it can already compete with other platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Who of you is already using it? Let me know so that I can see your pins! Pinterested? Then follow me here. :-)

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