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Am I an Apple Freak?

Over 3 1/2 years ago I purchased my first Apple product which was an ipod shuffle. It was practical because I could attach it to my cloths when I was running and I loved the design. Some of my friends have been to the US at that time and I asked them to bring me one.

Shortly after that I was so annoyed by my Windows Acer PC which was breaking down constantly and with which I could not work properly for my studies anymore. My housemate at that time already had a Mac at home and I loved the design as well. I never considered purchasing a Mac because I was too afraid that I would not be able to get used to the different operating system but since I had my housemate at that time who explained everything to me, I got used to it and finally decided to buy my first MacBook. It was white, shiny and absolutely beautiful. I loved the modern way of how everything was designed and I loved that everything worked quickly. This MacBook brought me through the rest of my studies and never failed. It was 100% reliable and I never had any technical issues.

Over time, I bought another, bigger iPod and started using an iPhone. Unfortunately, my first iPhone fell into water and did not function anymore after that. In this case, I guess, I cannot really blame apple for it since we cannot expect technical devices to work after filling them with water. But after missing my iPhone for a couple of month, I finally got hold of a new one which I use ever since.

Last fall, I had a fall back to Windows and bought a netbook because it was so small and so much cheaper than a MacBookAir. But there is a reason why Apple products are a bit more expensive: They just have a better quality and you can totally rely on them. The Windows netbook freaked me out after a while! At the same time I also bought an Amazon Kindle which failed twice until I sent it back to Amazon. Result: Instead of having a netbook and an eReader, I decided to buy an iPad which, again, looked pretty and seemed to match what I was looking for. Since I bought it in January, I am totally satisfied with what I got!

Now after using my MacBook for 3 1/2 years, it still does not fail but is a bit old. The technical standards have changed and my hard drive space is too small for all my pictures and all I wanted to do with the laptop. The battery was also not really good anymore and exchanging it would cost relatively much. So, in the end, I decided that it was time for a change. It was time for a new MacBook and this time I bought a brand new MacBook Pro. I think that the silver and black design works a bit better for my professional life than the white design of the MacBook which I still think is beautiful. But the MacBook Pro looks a bit smarter and is a bit better technically. Thus, I ordered it at the beginning of last week and now I am typing my blog posts on my brand new MacBook Pro and I love it!

One thing I love so much about buying new Apple products is the smell of the new product and the box it is coming in. I think, this is a similar thing than the smell of a new car and always comes with the Apple experience.

I know that some of you will think that I am a freak and/or a geek but I love my Apple products and since I am using them I am definitely less freaked out about technical problems because I just don’t have them anymore. I don’t mind if people think I am crazy! That is how I am and I don’t want to keep it a secret! Everybody needs his or her little luxury in life. For others it is buying expensive cars, jewelry etc and for me it is Apple products among a few other things I am spending my money on…

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