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An American in Spain

I should probably call it “in Europe” because all I am going to talk about applys to all European countries…

I have been to the US before and I know that certain things are a bit more extreme over there. They love fast food, they buy everything in huge sizes and they do not have a clue about Europe or other parts of the world.

Today, I experienced an American guy who is in Europe for the first time in his whole life. It was interesting to watch him during the day. In the morning we did a little sightseeing tour through Salamanca and when he was told how old the city and the buildings are, he was in total shock. When we were told that there are some convents with nuns who sre not sllowed to leave the convent and who depend on what they have inside, he just clouldn’t believe that there was a massive space inside the big walls where they keep cows. His reaction was “cows? In the house? In the middle of the city?”

Later on this day we went to a supermarket and he just couldn’t get over the fact that all packages you can get here are soooo “tiny”… Aparently, he has a litre of milk every day for breakfast which is kind of the biggest size of milk you can buy in Europe. We do not count in gallons over here! :-) everything seemed to be too small for him: the pizzas, the cereals etc…

Another thing he is missing is his daily fast food. He really has some kind of fast food EVERY day and when I asked him if he also eats healthy food back home, he said: “Yes of course! In the summer we put vegetables on the grill together with the burgers…” During our class in the morning he also revealed that his most favourite food are burgers. What a surprise!!!! I can’t believe that he is actually considering going to the McDonalds here when he can get all this great food around here. He also got really excited about the Pizza Hut…

Don’t get me wrong, I love fast food as well but when I have the chance to have really good and much healthier food, I definitely go for that option…

Being in the US and seeing all this craziness is fun but actually seeing this big American walking around here in the old town of Salamanca is even better! All our stereotypes about the US are sooo real for me right now! :-)

I love the Americans! They are sooooo entertaining!!!! Thanks guys for that!!!! :-)

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