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An Award

I have been given an award by my dear friend Joanna from Another House Blog. I feel so honoured and proud!!! :-)

Here w go with the answers to the questions she handed over for me to answer:

Favorite food: Cheese fondue – I know! Here I am talking about healthy breakfasts and maintining my summer body… bla bla bla… anyhow, sometimes in life we need a bit of indulgence as well, don’t we?
I don’t like when people are: Dishonest.
I like to hang out with people who are: Happy and positive and make me laugh.
What calms me down is: A steaming cup of tea and a good book.
I love: My boyfriend and friends.
I get upset: My plans don’t work out.
I never leave behind (item): My iPhone, a book and my keys.
When I was young I was staring at posters: of Caught in the Act (anybody remember this band??? Horrible, I know but we cannot pretend our past hasn’t happend… we make mistakes and now we have to live with them…)

This is all about me and my confesstions regarding this reward! :-) Now its time to throw some questions at other bloggers, I’d love to give this award to: And the award goes to…. drumroll….

Kate from The Small Things Blog and her sister Lauren from The Lauren Elizabeth Blog. I love their inspiring writing and pictures!

Have a great weekend everybody!!!

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