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Another day of an American guy in Spain…

This experience does not stop! It is sooo funny to listen to the American every day! He just does not know things you would assume everybody knows. Today, for example, we were talking about Spanish artists. When Picaso was mentioned, he said “Picaso? Is that a movie?”

Another thing he pointed out recently was that he really likes the Spanish food: “The burgers here in the McDonalds are sooooo much better than back home in the US!” I am not sure if we can consider burgers at McDonalds as Spanish food even though the McDonalds is in Spain….

This week in school we also learned the words for different parts of the body. Obviously, this includes some more intimate words. He was really shocked when we said the word “penis” out loud and his face went all red in that moment. Well, this is something you can talk about in Europe. It is a normal thing!

I am really curious how this will go on the upcoming days. Without him, the classes would be only half as funny!!! :-)

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