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Another Episode of Small Village Fun

Hi there! The last days have been pretty stressful as there was so much to do on the redesign project, holiday planning and general things that need my attention every day…

Anyhow, last weekend there was the 150 years jubilee of the local fire brigade in our tiny village. This occasion was used as a reason for a big 2 day celebration. We participated in one which was the village rally. We all packed up our wooden trolleys with food and loads of drinks and received a plan that we had to follow. The goal was to find the correct way through the village and to participate in all games available.

All games gave us points that were added up in the end to name the winner! Our group was last… but I am sure we had the most fun accomplishing all the tasks on the way. Unfortunately, it was pouring down all day and therefore my pictures are not the nicest but I tried my very best. So here you go with a new episode of village fun:

1 Adorable Kids

Obviously, we were not the only ones taking part! These cute kids had a really comfy way of traveling through the village while their parents were doing all the hard work…

2 New Trolley

Some participants became extremely creative on designing their trolley. While we were just focusing on keeping our food and drinks safe and dry from the rain, this group even had a motorized trolley as well as a barbecue grill on top of it…

3 Juke Box

This trolley belonged to the  group walking ahead of us which was really practical as they were playing music all day long!

4 Walk through the rain

This was our group while we were dragging our trolley through the rain…

5 Funny Games

One of the funny games was walking on giant skis with 5 people at the same time! So much fun and we were really good at it! (Probably the only game we were really good at considering that we reached place 24 out of 24 in the end…

6 German Game

Another game we had to play was to push the German beer glass filled with 1 liter of water as far as possible. Could a game be more german than this???

In the end, we had an amazing day and a lot of fun! The day ended with a party in the local sports hall with music, wine and food – all traditional south-german…

I know it is a long time ago but what did you do last weekend and what are your plans for the upcoming one? Please share!!!

2 Kommentare

  1. Sounds like fun. I love how you copyright /comment on your photos…how do you do that??? Very cool! By the way, I’ve been loving your redesigning. It’s inspiring me. Now just need the money to do it… :P


    • Thanks! :-) I am using Photoshop to work on my pictures! Just learning by doing! :-) fortunately, my work colleagues, who are graphic designers, are teaching me a lot for work that I can use for my private pics as well! Glad that I am able to inspire you! I will post some more pictures of our redesign project soon! :-)


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