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Babys on Facebook

I am in an age at which many of my friends are getting married and sooner or later will have children. Some are already starting or already have kids. That is fine with me even though I think that it will be a while until I will start this whole breeding process myself…

What I do not understand and what I honestly, do not approve of is that our generation thinks that their kids need their own Facebook profile right after they are born. Ok, we live in a social media focused world and I am sharing a lot of my personal life on social media and on my blog. But that is all just information about myself. Not about another human being who is not able to object.

Lately, I have seen many newborn Facebook accounts of the little children of my friends. Thus, I was wondering, is that really necessary? Is that right? Is it in the favor of their kids and what are the consequences?

Honestly, I do not think it is right. Everybody should have the right to decide on their own if they have their own Facebook account or not and which information is shared through this account. Obviously, a baby cannot decide for himself right now. But what about the future? What if this account will still exist once the baby has grown up and actually can decide about this matter? What if the kid does not want a Facebook account in the future that shows baby pictures and loads of comments of his or her parents?

That brings me to the consequences. In the future, will our kids have two Facebook accounts? – One own and one created and designed by their parents when they were babies? What will their friends think if they find an account with baby pictures etc…? Wouldn’t that be a bit embarrassing for the kid? What will our kids think about us when they grow up and find out?

What would you think if somebody would just create an account under your name uploading, without your consent, embarrassing photos and posting private information about you for the whole world to see? I bet you wouldn’t like that either! So, why would you do that to your own child?

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