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My Beautiful Just T Advent Calendar – Teas 1-4

Tea Time Blog - Just T Advent Calendar Title

As I already mentioned on Friday, I received a beautiful Advent Calendar from Just t last weekend. It came on a long string with 24 little tea bags pinned to as well as colorful ornaments. Instead of attaching it to the wall, I decided to lay it onto my long book shelf in my office so that it works as decoration and advent calendar at the same time!

Tea Time Blog - Just T Advent Calendar 2

I received this calendar from Just T as they would like to receive my opinion about their range of teas and I am very proud for having been selected as a tea expert. I am planning to give you an overview over all the teas that are part of the advent calendar. This is why I made a no-posts-on-weekends-policy exception just for this and will give you an summary of the teas of the past week each weekend. So here we go with teas 1-4:

1. Herbal Tea – Swiss Alpine

Tea Time Blog - Just T Advent Calendar Day 1

  • Ideal water temperature for this tea: 100°C
  • Brewing Time: 5-8 minutes
  • Aroma: Very fresh and healthy but delicious at the same time
  • Taste: The swiss alpine herbal tea does not taste bitter at all. Sometimes, when I have herbal teas from the supermarket, they have a slightly bitter ingredient that gives the tea a sort of bitter after taste. Not this one! It tastes like nature and makes me feel great!

2. White Tea – Wild Peach

Tea Time Blog - Just T Advent Calendar Day 2

  • Ideal water temperature for this tea: 70°C
  • Brewing Time: 1-3 minutes
  • Aroma: Very peachy!!!
  • Taste: After smelling this tea, I was surprised that the actual taste of it was very mild and soft. There was a hint of peach but not this artificial and extrem fruity taste. I love green and white teas so this is a great new flavor!

3. Fruit Tea – Sweet Berry

Tea Time Blog - Just T Advent Calendar Day 3

  • Ideal water temperature for this tea: 100°C
  • Brewing time: 5-8 minutes
  • Aroma: Very intense but yummy berry aroma
  • Taste: Real taste of berries, I would say a lot like forest berries. It is not artificial at all and just a tiny bit stronger and less soft than the other teas of the range I’ve already tasted. Definitely not too strong! Great tea to start energized into a new morning!

4. Green Tea – Morning Star

Tea Time Blog - Just T Advent Calendar Day 4

  • Ideal water temperature for this tea: 70°C
  • Brewing time: 1-3 minutes
  • Aroma: Sweet but refreshing
  • Taste: Slightly fruity but only a tiny bit. It has a very yummy and healthy taste. Green teas are part of my most favorite sort of teas. This one makes me feel very healthy and it certainly delivers what the name suggests: It is a morning star and makes me feel great about myself and gets me energized for the day – My absolute favorite among these four teas I’ve tested thus far.

Tea Time Blog - Just T Advent Calendar 3

Tasting different teas every day is a lot of fun and I am happy for trying such a great variety within these 24 days leading to Christmas! What a great way to spend my time!!!

Are you a tea lover? What is your most favorite kind of tea?

Stay tuned for the next tea tasting summary next week. I received the selection of 24 teas from Just T as a gift but my readers can be sure that all my opinions stated here are my own.

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  1. I used to hate tea and I still hate the ones that you buy on the Supermarket, but two years ago somebody gave me a tea advent calendar as well and, oh my god, I was missing so much! I have so many favorites. I love every tea with spices, orange and apple. From that specific brand, I love licorice tea, chocolate tea, sweet chili tea, ginger tea and rooibos tea.


    • ginger tea and rooibos tea are amazing! I like all kinds of tea but I tend to prefer special teas that you cannot get in every supermarket as their flavors tend to be so much more intense and more delicious!!! Happy weekend!!!


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