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Book Recommendation: Fall of Giants & Winter of the World (Ken Follett)

Hello everybody!!! I know, I have been absent again for quite a time but having to work on two jobs simultaneously sometimes makes my life so busy that there is not enough time to squeeze in all the things I care about into my busy schedule! Also, last week, I was stuck at home and not allowed to do anything because of this:


It is not as bad as it might look like. I was just suffering from tenosynovitis because I was overusing my right hand (two office jobs…). It is not the worst thing to be put on sick leave for considering that I was not really feeling bad. Unfortunately, the only things I could actually do without using my right hand were reading and watching TV which I did a lot over the last couple of days! You cannot imagine how good it feels now to be able to type this post with both hands!!!

As I had so much time on hand, I managed to finish some of the books I am currently reading and I would like to recommend two of them to you:

Ever since I read The Pillars of the Earth, Ken Follett has always been one of my favourite authors! He just has a special and touching way of writing which always keeps me hooked to the story until I finish it. The last two books I read (or lets say listened to as I only had the audio book) were Fall of Giants and Winter of the World which are the first two books of a trilogy. The third and last one is about to be published in 2014 (I know, such a long wait!!!!). Both book have been researched with incredible deepness and attention to detail! While other books about the first and second world wars always talk about one particular country or area of interest, he actually manages to include all important parts of the world that played a major part in the war developments. The story shows the American, the English, the German and the Russian perspective of the world. All these parts are represented by the destinies of different families and characters somehow involved in the developments.

As usual, both books are not the shortest but you don’t feel the length of the story as it never gets boring. It is totally compelling until the end of the second book and I am sure that it will go on like this in the third part of the story.

Did you read any interesting books lately? I am just about to finish one of my German books before I am going to start reading the adult novel of J.K. Rowling.

Have a great start into the new week tomorrow and I promise to write more often in the future!

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