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¡Buenas noches Madrid!

My big Spanish adventure started today! In the afternoon I made my way to the airport and everything went according to plan except of when we could not start in time. Thus, the flight was delayed by more than half an hour. After the arrival in Madrid, I realised that I am not going to make it to the bus stop in time. So I went to the Iberia counter to ask for help because I had no idea where to go to and I met the rudest person ever in my life…

I just wanted to know where the information desk is or where I had to go to get a room. But his only answer was “Did Iberia bring you to your destination?” yes they did but I missed my bus because of them and am trying to figure out what to do. Then he said, well he cannot help me because there are no flights from Madrid to Salamanca. Did he really think I am stupid or something? Then I asked if he could just tell me where I would have to go to get help in the airport and his only answer was no because Iberia’s duty was fulfilled by bringng me to my destination which was Madrid airport. What an asshole!!!!

But I still made my way. First I tried to find another bus company but there were no other busses going at that time either. My next to options were trying to find a hotel room or spending the night at the airport. I decided to try to get a hotel room which worked out in the end.

The last thing I needed to do was calling my host family to let them know that I would not be arriving tonight. I called them and even managed to arrange everything in Spanish! I was sooooo proud of myself. All my tries to speak Spanish worked really well and I can even understand what people are saying to me. Spanish lessons are finally paying off here! Hope this will improve even more over the last two weeks. My host mother seems to be really nice and I am looking forward to meting her now that I have already spoken to her.

Now I am in my nice hotel room with free wifi! I’ve booked my bus ticket for tomorrow and managed to get some food! And the best thing is that it is quite warm in Madrid. When I arrived it was already late as I said but I was fine with a light jumper outside past 10pm… I really need this warm air! This really makes me happy and makes me forget the asshole guy who actually almost made me cry because I felt so lost and he was sooo unwilling to help me! On the upside, all other people I spode to were lovely and helpful!

I am going to bed now and hope that tomorrow everything will work out!

¡Buenas noches Madrid!

Buenas Noches Madrid

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