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Build your Cupcake Day

Hello everybody! How is everyone doing? I am in a really good mood at the moment! Why? There are just so many things that make me smile all the time:

  1. Holiday planning (we are now looking into a trip to the US and we’d like to travel the North East coast including NY, Washington DC, Philly, Boston, etc…)
  2. We ordered new furniture (all in pure white which I LOVE!!!!) and I am totally into the redesigning project! Today, we also went to IKEA and bought heaps of stuff (decoration and the like) to finalize our redesign once the new furniture has arrived. I will keep you posted on the progress we make…
  3. The first piece of furniture already arrived: The white Tulip Chair with red cushion! I ordered it from a shop in the UK and it was delivered to our house yesterday! It is soooooo beautiful and comfortable! Just waiting for the matching white desk to go with it!
  4. I enrolled for a Spanish class starting mid September! Finally going ahead with this beautiful language! Going to start with level B1 after finishing A2 in Salamanca last year! (will have to do a lot of catching up beforehand but I am really motivated!)
  5. I managed to loose some of the weight I gained during our Greek holiday… YUPPIE!!!
  6. I am reading a lot again!!! One of my most loved hobbies is reading loads and loads of books while dreaming of having my own library once… (including a fire place and a massive sofa to relax on with a good book and a glass of red wine or a cup of tea)
  7. I restarted watching TV Shows! After a relatively long time of absence, I am now trying to catch up on all the last season shows so that I am ready to go when next season starts shortly!!!

All of this makes me extremely happy and keeps me motivated! I finally managed to organise my life in a way that lets me include all my most loved activities which was a huge problem beforehand! Of course, I wish I had more time for everything but at least I am able to spend some time on everything!

Also, it is the weekend which always is fantastic!!! To celebrate this awesome time of the week, we had a “build your cupcake” day yesterday in the office! They tasted amazingly great:

Build Your Cupcake Day


Build Your Cupcake Day


Build Your Cupcake Day


Build Your Cupcake Day

What do you love doing and what are you looking forward to every day after work?

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2 Kommentare

    • I went to the gym a lot when I was in London! I loved the classes! They are soooo much fun! I would love to start a Zumba Class again or another dance-related class!!!


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