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Childhood Memories

Today, one of my colleagues brought some sweets into the office for us all to share. I looked into the bag and had a flashback to my childhood. There was something in there that I probably haven’t had since I was 10!!!

Childhood Memories

It is called “Riesen” which basically means “giants”. It is caramel surrounded by chocolate. Because of the caramel filling the whole thing is really sticky and you can chew on it forever! It is really funny because it is quite hard to get everything off your teeth afterwards!

I just had to try one straight away but let me tell you, it is not a great idea to eat these chocolate sweets in the office when there might be people coming in to talk to you or your phone might ring. If you ever try them, allow yourself at least 10 minutes to eat it uninterrupted becauae speaking during this time is literally impossible!

Happy chewing everyone!!! :-)

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