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Christmas in Red and Gold

Christmas is over again and actually, I am glad it is! The last three days have all been about eating and sitting around with family. Right now, I am just looking forward to seeing my friends again and to be a little more active.

Tonight, we are all going out together to an American restaurant to have giant burgers with fries and drink endless amounts of Dr. Pepper Coke! It is a tradition we started many years ago when all of us moved away after graduating from school! It is always a brilliant night with loads of fun!

Even though, I am a bit over the whole Christmas thing, I am still loving Christmas decorations! I enjoy the little lights and candles everywhere! Here are some pictures of our great Christmas decoration this year:

Christmas decoration


Christmas decoration


Christmas Presents

Christmas Decorations


Christmas Cookies

I can’t wait till next Christmas when we’ll be in our own house! I already have millions of ideas how to decorate the house and make it lovely for an enjoyable and warm Christmas.

Right before Christmas, we had a great Christmas dinner with my boyfriend’s family at our place. Here is how it looked like:

Christmas Decoration

Table decoration Christmas Style…

Christmas Drinks

Christmas Drinks

We served sparkling wine with frozen raspberries as aperitif – so easy but delicious and festive!

Christmas Food

Christmas Food

Yummy Christmas Food

We have are sooo spoiled on food right now and I look forward to cooking myself again with my new kitchen tools I received as Christmas gifts!

What makes a perfect Christmas for you??? Please share in the comments section below!

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