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I always loved cooking. Last week I decided to start cooking more often again. First of all, it tastes soooo much better than all the already prepared meals you can get in the supermarket, secondly, it is much healthier and finally it saves so much money. Beforehand, I was only eating already prepared meals from the supermarket or went out for lunch in my lunch break. This resulted in high spendings on food and me eating unhealthy.

Last weekend I have been at R’s place and she had this amazing cookbook: “Jamie’s 30 minute meals“. It has great recipes in it that are easy to prepare, that do not cost a lot and that are quickly made! Perfect for a busy girl like me! There is also a website where I am looking up recipes from Jamie Oliver if you want to have a glance. I directly bought it at the beginning of last week and tried out the first recipe. It was a simple pasta recipe and it was supposed to be with sausages but it did not say concretely which sausage to use. Thus, I decided to use Spanish Chorizo. I love Spanish food and I thought that it would be the perfect companion for the pasta – which it was!

I usually do not include all the ingredients mentioned in a recipe and most of the time I change bits and pieces from the recipe to prepare it for my own taste.

I would like to share the recipes that I am using over time. This makes me try out more and hopefully inspires you as well to cook more often to enjoy the culinary treasures that our world has to offer!

Please let me know your experiences and give me tips if you’ve changed something in the recipe. If you know interesting blogs that offer recipes or if you are writing one by yourself, why not share the link here?


Enjoy your Meal!

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