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Have you ever been at a point in your life when you asked yourself if you are doing the right thing or at which you had to decide between two ways of continuing your life without being able to choose both of them at the same time?

I have always been a person who wanted to explore the world, live in different countries and cities, meet different people, learn about new cultures and languages etc… At the same time I was always searching for someone to share all these experiences with. Of course, at some point in my life (actually not that far in the future…) I want to have my own family with a nice guy and children. I still have time for that only being 26 but still, there will be a time in which this becomes more urgent.

Lately, I was asking myself if it is even possible to combine these two dreams. It seems kind of impossible to me right now because having a family directly implies settling down somewhere and having a daily routine. Of course, you can still travel but even that becomes more difficult when children are involved! I have the impression that I will end up at a crossroads at some point at which I will have to decide for one way or the other and right now I am not yet sure which way I am going to pick. I am glad that for now, I still have time left to enjoy my life as it is but at the same time I am afraid of the future and of the decision I will have to make eventually…

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