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Sometimes I ask myself when I will ever be satisfied with what I have or if that is possible at all. Many people who know me might say that I have an exciting life, living abroad in a foreign country, finding my way around another culture and language. For me, after almost a year of being here, this is nothing new anymore. I got used to the british accent and the half-naked people walking around like that even in winter. The United Kingdom does not feel that foreign anymore now. I decided to stay here longer and I am going to start my new life in London in about a week. I am excited about the new job and about moving to London.

Today, a friend of mine is going to Australia for a year to do work and travel. I am really happy for her and I think that it was a great decision to do that. But then I start to feel curious about Australia as well and about all the other countries that are still out there waiting for me to be discovered!!! Am I wasting my time with spending at least another year in a country that I am already familiar with and that is not that foreign to me anymore?

All my life I loved traveling and exploring the world! I love foreign countries, foreign languages, cultures and food! I enjoy getting to know different people and their attitudes from all over the world! In my opinion, this enriches my life as well! I might start looking at things from a different perspective that would have never occurred to me before.

Thinking of all this, I have to remind myself that I already have done more in my life than many many other people will ever do and staying a year longer in the UK does not mean that this is the the final destination of my journey around the world! It is just another interesting and enriching experience that helps me developing myself and understanding the world we are living in even better…

Now I am curious to meet new people, to discover London much deeper than I already have and to gain new experiences through my work as a marketing executive!

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