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Der Gugl…

Today, I finally managed to check all the goodie bags that I received during the trade show a couple of weeks ago. Most of the stuff you get is boring and can go to the trash straight away but then there are some special things that make you smile. One of these was this little marketing idea:

Der Gugl

The text in the inside of the box means “Luck can be small as well” in English. I loved everything about this tiny box: the design, the saying, the cake and the overall idea in general. Unfortunately, I only thought of taking a picture after my first bight into the cake which is why it is only half there…

The company who is producing these mini cakes also has its own website and even an Online Shop. I am not sure if I will be able to resist ordering myself some more cute little cakes! I think, it is also a great idea for little presents.

Now I wonder what the chocolate version might taste like… :-)

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