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Dress or Trousers?

I was never wearing dresses back in Germany except of some summer dresses to go to the beach or to the swimming pool. But most of the time I preferred trousers or jeans! Even now when I go back to Germany I realise that not that many people are wearing dresses in their daily lives – especially not in winter.

Why is it then that British people wear dresses so often? Since I came here, I bought more dresses than I have bought in my whole life before. And surprisingly, I really like it!!! I think that especially for my daily job, they are really practical because you do not need two matching things. The dress fully dresses you and you just need to add tights (yes, I am German, I prefer to wear tights in winter…) and a jacket.

This weekend I went out shopping with two friends and while we were in H&M (my most favourite cloth store!!!), I was trying on trousers and dresses for work. In the end I had to decide between a dress and matching trousers from the same series. I chose the dress because it just felt more comfortable!!! And the price was exactly the same!

The fantastic thing about dresses is that they exist in every shape, colour and design! There is just an endless variety to pick from and everybody will find her perfect shape I am sure! Trousers, on the other hand are relatively limited when it comes to different shapes compared to dresses.

I am really happy with my decision and decided that it does not matter what you wear but it has to be comfortable! Especially for work considering that you have to wear your work cloth at least 8 hours a day!

2 Kommentare

  1. Dresses are just great! I am so glad that I discovered this trend for me… before I lived in the UK, I actually never wore dresses except of beach dresses… :-)


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