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Driving in Florence

Road signs Florence

At the moment I am on my road trip in Italy and yesterday we arrived in Florence. Driving here was a really bizzare experience! I mean, when we picked up the car in Rome I also drove there but that was harmless compared to Florence. The street system here is totally confusing because everything basically works with one way streets and direction signs are often missing. Everytime we are trying to find something we usually end up not being allowed to drive the way we picked on the map. Unfortunately, our map does not show us the one way roads which is not necessarily helpful…

Yesterday, we spent 1 hour driving through the city only to find the way to another town in the north and today it took us another hour to find a restaurant that we could not find in the end either because it does not exist or because the numers of the houses where: 2, 8, 2b, 6 and 10 (in this order) and we were searching for 6r….

Apart from that I am really surprised that driving here in Italy is not that different from other places in Europe. From what I’ve heard it was much worse but I actually enjoy it except of the Florence experience…

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