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My Eat Me Crunchy Bowl

I have always been a person who does not like eating cereals in the morning for breakfast. The reason for that always was that I do not like soggy cereal and that is what is happening eventually after a while as I can never eat as fast as my cereal turns soggy.

When I lived in the UK, one day I was looking for a present for a friend online and came across the best invention EVER: The Eat Me Crunchy Bowl

High Five for Friday - Eat me crunchy

This cereal bowl is absolutely awesome! You basically pour the milk into it and then add another layer of the bowl on top of it. The layer is only 2/3 of the size of the bowl and that is where you put your crunchy cereal. Then, you can simply move a spoon fill of cereals at a time into the milk and eat all of your cereal crunchy this way!!!

The times of soggy cereals are over forever and I am happier than ever enjoying a bowl of crunchy cereal very often!

Do you prefer your cereal to be crunchy as well? 

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