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Finally back in the UK after my horrible trip to Germany which did not work out well in the last days of my stay…

Directly after leaving the plane in London on Wednesday made me feel much better. Seeing my friends was great but meeting my parents wasn’t. At least meeting my mum again was a nightmare! Suddenly my whole past life overtook me and made me feel awful! It was definitely the right decision to stay in the UK!

Now the real new beginning of my life is about to start! I had to make sure that I get a smartphone in order to do my freelancer job and my marketing job in London at the same time. At least I do not have to be at home this way. After arranging that my next tasks are now to finally finish my business project and to find a place to stay in London. I have a whole week from today to find something. But I am really excited because I already found a place that looked nice online and I am going to view it tomorrow evening. It is in a perfect location, close to central London and close to work! I just have to hope that I like the other two girls who are already living there and that the flat looks as nice from the inside as it does from the outside…

This whole project of starting my life from scratch is getting more and more exciting but now it is more a positive form of excitement and since I came back to the UK I feel much better because I do not have to think about everything that is depressing me back in Germany. Of course there is still number27 but I already deleted him from my friend lists in my social networks and I decided that I don’t want to see him again.

Starting from scratch feels good! New ob, new place, new experiences! Looking forward to it…

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