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Exploring the Island of Kos

As I mentioned before, most of the time we spent on Kos was relaxing on our sun bed at the hotel but we also did a one day road trip and I would like to share with you what you should not miss if you ever go to Kos:

Kos Town

This is a MUST because it is the capital of the island and offers so many beautiful buildings and interesting attractions!!!! Find out more in my previous post.


Kos, Greece: Asklipon

This old ruin has probably once been a huge castle in the mountains with spectacular views over the northern coastal regions of the island as well as the Turkish mainland and surrounding greek islands. Nowadays, you still get the great views and on top of that you can wander around what is left from the old castle and lets you imagine how great this place once looked like!

Beaches at the west end

Kos, Greece: Italian Beach

The beaches in the west of the island are much nicer than the ones in the north. Unfortunatley, they are totally overcrowded with Italian tourists. Walking around there you’ll find sun beds and sun umbrellas that make you feel like time traveling to Italy in the 70ies. This is how our parents must have experienced their holidays.

Ágios Stefanos

Right next to the beautiful beaches, you are able to walk around in the ruins of an old church which is situated right next to the ocean. We were wondering why it was build there. Later on, while having our lunch in a local restaurant, we were told that the island used to be much bigger before a big earth quake that tore the island apart and resulted in many tiny island. Therefore, the church was not actually next to the ocean in earlier days.

Island Kastrí

Kos, Greece: Kastrí

Just in front of Ágios Stefanos you will see a tiny island that is only a tiny bit bigger than a massive rock. You can only reach the island through the water but if you swim over there you can visit the little church that has been build there.


Kos, Greece: Kéfalos

Kéfalos, the former capital of the island that has been totally destroyed by the earth quake, is only a stone’s throw away from Ágios Stefanos but is located much higher in the mountains offering fantastic views over the eastern parts of the islands. We had our lunch there in one of the cute little greek restaurants. The food was awesome and extremely cheap (I cannot remember when I had a lunch for 3,50€ anytime before…)

Western Mountains

Kos, Greece: Views

From Kéfalos, we made our way up the mountains located in the far west of the island. The roads there are horrible but it is totally worth torturing your car in order to see spectacular coastal views as well as the best overlook of the island!

Pyli and Zía

Kos, Greece: Zia

On our way back to Kos town, we also stopped in the two mountain villages Pyli and Zía in the mountains in the south of the island. Pyli is not that spectacular but worth a visit if you want to have a quick snack in one of the restaurants and see a cute little greek town. Zía is well known for its spectacular sunset views and if you manage to get there on time you will actually find a parking space and enjoy the beautiful sunset from one of the restaurants up there.

Have you ever been to Kos? I loved our little road trip which offered us a great variety of sights and let us get to know the whole island!

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  1. wow! looks beautiful!
    I haven’t been there, but I know that lots of Scandinavians- especially Swedes go to Kos quite often. Did you notice that?


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