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How to Fight an Upcoming Cold

Tea Time Blog - Ginger Tea to fight an upcoming cold

There is no rule that cannot be broken, right? I just mentioned my new blog structure to you and I am already doing something else with todays post. But well, as I mentioned, this structure is not set in stone and I might change direction once in a while.

Today, I woke up with a very bad sore throat which is always a horrible sign for an upcoming cold. I hate knowing that this stupid thing will weaken me and that I will probably spend a few hours in bed the following days. I have tried soooo many things to fight an upcoming cold and believe me, it is hard and so far it has been a mission impossible for me.

BUT (yes, there is a but…), I’ve found a way that makes me feel a bit better at least: Ginger Tea with Honey.

Basically, what I do is cut some slices of ginger into a tea pot and pour boiling water on top of it. As ginger can be really spicy, I prefer drinking it with a teaspoon of honey. Also, honey is very good when you have a sore throat. The mixture of hot water and honey makes it much easier to swallow and makes me feel better immediately.

Ginger is one of these great vegetables (or is it a fruit???) that is incredibly healthy for your immune system and strengthens every part of your body – thus, ideal when a cold is slowing you down or weakens you.

I know this is not THE way to completely avoid colds but at least it makes it a bit better AND, on top of that, ginger tea with honey is extremely delicious!

What other methods do you have to fight a cold? Maybe you can help me to fight my current one…

3 Kommentare

  1. I tried bourbon with lemon and honey once. It is supposed to be very good for cold, but it’s just not for me. I will give ginger tea a chance next time…


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