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First Days

I had a lot of first days in my life already: First day at kindergarten, at school, at uni, at work etc… it is always the same: you get nervous and you are asking yourself what people you are possibly going to meet. You’re not quite sure what is expected of you and how you should behave. I had my last first day just 2 weeks ago when I started my new job. On my way there in the morning, I felt slightly sick in my stomach and was bloody nervous! But, of course, in the end it all worked out fine! I met lovely people and had a great start into the new job!

Why am I talking about that now? Well, yesterday, the sister of my flatmate moved in. She is 19 and had her first day at University today. It is her first time living away from home even though her two other sisters are living here as well. It is as well her first time to live in London. Yesterday evening she was extremely nervous and not really self confident. We tried to give her advise on how to best go to Uni the next morning and she wrote down everything in detail. You can tell that she wants to do everything the right way and that she is really scared about this big busy world out there. So far she was protected by her family, living in a small town surrounded by friends. Now she has to go to uni all by herself and she has to meet new people and get to know them.

This all reminded me of my first days in my life. I still remember the day when I first moved out from my parents house. I moved 540km away from them and many friends and relatives helped with the moving but at some point they just had to leave and there I was, alone, far away from home and all my friends, not knowing anyone and with no idea about what to do and how to get to know the area and the people there. But it was also an adventure! It was exciting and looking back to that time, I am glad that I took this step and became independent. Without this step I wouldn’t be the person I am now! Over time, I learned how to manage my time and my life and that was really important for my personal development I guess. Moving to the UK a few years later was another adventure but it was easier because I was already used to the situation of being new somewhere and finding my way around. I am so glad that I managed all that and really happy about what I achieved in my life so far!

Even though things might appear scary in the first place, that doesn’t mean that they really are scary. Sometimes it helps to just jump into the cold water and try to adapt to the situation! There are always other people happy to help you manage these important steps in life….

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