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The Food List

Joanna from Another House Blog as well as Marie-Pier from the Four Seasons at Home Blog made a food list the other day answering several questions regarding food. As I am a food lover, I decided to answer the questions as well and give you more insights about that:

Project 52: In love with cake

What was the last thing you ate? 
Greek yoghurt with strawberries, grapes and some muesli sprinkled on top.

Your last meal, if you could choose?
Definitely burger and fries! Fries are my all time favorite since I was a kid (at that point in time, I did not like anything else than fries – my parents hated that!!!). But the fries have to be thin and crunchy.

Best food city?
Wow! Good question! I would say Berlin as it has such a great variety of so many different things!

Best meal at a restaurant?
There was this steak house in the city close to us which has closed down unfortunately, but they made THE BEST ostrich steak on earth!!! Accompanied y potato gratin, a side salad and some merlot sauce it was so so yummy!!!

Favorite snack?
mmmhhh… I would say fresh and seedless grapes.

What caused your most recent hangover?
Red wine.

Food you love to have around?
Grapes, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries (I am totally into berries these days…) and pears.

What’s for dinner tonight? 
I have no clue yet. As we are renovating our new house, there is so much to do that we do not have a lot of time to think about dinner but I think I am making rosemary potatoes with baked salmon in lemon sauce as we still have all the ingredients at home for that.

Food you hate?
All sorts of cabbage!!!

Desert island dessert?
Ice Cream!!!

A typical elementary school lunch?
We always had lunch at home as school was over at midday. That’s why I always had lunch at my grand mum’s house. Usually, she made something with fries for me as I loved them so much…

What’s the weirdest thing in your fridge?
A glass of homemade marmalade from our neighbor who puts way too much sugar in it that we cannot eat it. It has been sitting in our fridge forever already and we need to get rid of it before we move as she wants the glass back…

In your vegetable drawer?
A bag of potatoes, some tomatoes and carrots.

And cheese?
Allgäu cheese which is a regional cheese and very strong but really yummy!!!

Best place for grocery shopping?
There is this amazing small italian grocery shop close to us which has delicious food AND you are allowed to try absolutely EVERYTHING for free. They also give you great recipe ideas!!! For the general shopping here in Germany I love Kaufmarkt (not to be confused with Kaufland which is rubbish!!!)

Food you wish you were allergic to?
Who wants to be allergic to anything???

Who can eat off your plate?
Everybody who likes to try something. I am willing to share little parts but usually, I do not like sharing the whole plate…

How would you answer all these questions??? I am curious to learn more about you guys.

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    • Yes, I can ALWAYS eat french fries! But pasta, too! And a great steak! There is soooo much food I love!!!


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