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My friends are living all across the world. There is one in New York, one in Australia, two in Mexico, many in different European countries and also a lot in different cities in Germany. Only a little bunch of people is still living in my hometown. Thus, meeting all of them at the same time seems to be incredibly difficult and is probably only possible over the Christmas holiday.

I am really missing my friends! They have always been such an important part of my life and now that they are all living in different places and I hardly see them, I am really sad. It always feels great seeing them because we tend to have a lot of fun and it usually feels as if we’ve never been apart but on the other hand, I become extremely sad once it is over and we go back to our daily lives. I am always looking forward to meeting people and then the moment passes so quickly because we have so much to talk about. When we see each other I am the most happy person in the whole world but when we part, I feel like crying. I’d love to have all my friends or at least a group of friends around me every day but that just seems impossible.

I don’t know how to overcome this problem and not to feel that depressed after seeing my friends! I just want to be as happy after meeting them as I am during the time we see each other.

If anyone of my friends is reading this right now: I love you very much and I miss you a lot!!!! Even though we are not physically together, I think about all of you every day! You are the most important people in my life!!!

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