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Good Conversations

I am a person who loves talking! I love chatting to people all the time! Even if there are times when I can be really quite. Mostly, that is when I am upset. But if I am feeling good I love having conversations with others.

Today was one of these days that developed into a perfect day just because of a really good conversation. I spent most of the afternoon and evening with the other girl from my class. First we met to plan our Madrid trip tomorrow, then we went shoe shopping together and in the end we ended up in this cute little tapas bar and had Spanish red wine and tapas!!! We never ran out of topics to discuss and that is what I enjoy so much about convesations. We both love traveling (she even is a flight attendent) and we both have lots to tell about our lives. We also both love books and languages so we also talked about that for a really long time.

A good conversation needs to have people with same or similar interests and both people have to enjoy talking. Otherwise you will never find a common ground or the conversation is rather one sided. But if you find such a person you can go on and on and on about millions of things. The only thing needed then is a good wine and good food! :-)

I really miss having that in London. There is only one person there in London at the moment with whom I can have a good conversation but all the others are just not there anymore. I knew that I missed having my friends around me but I did not know how much I missed them until today. For the first time in weeks I feel really happy and actually enjoyed every second of this afternoon!

I am looking forward to some more interesting conversations tomorrow in Madrid!

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