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Hard Work And Relaxing Times – High Five For Friday #22

Happy Friday everybody! I know, I have been absent most of the week but this week, we were extremely busy at our house and finished a lot of the projects we started. It was the last week Christian had off work and I took some days off as well so that we would be able to move forward a lot. Now, we are depending on a lot of work of others and we hope that it all works out the way we want it.

Anyhow, this week had some highlights apart from all the work which I’d like to show you now in my new High Five For Friday post:

High Five For Friday at Tea Time Blog

1. Yummy Dinner

High Five For Friday #22 - Dinner

Last Friday night, the weather was so awesome that we decided to have a yummy dinner in the evening sun on our balcony. There is nothing better after a long day of work!!!

2. Relaxing

High Five For Friday #22 - Relaxing

I am not going to lie to you: Working on a house all by yourself IS exhausting! If you are not used to physical work, all your muscles will hurt after a while! It is worth it but sunny evenings like last Friday when we can just relax in the sun on the balcony while having a glass of wine are priceless.

3. Gardening

High Five For Friday #22 - Gardening

I have never had my own garden and in my parents garden, I was way too lazy to do garden work. This is different now that I can call it my own garden. Last Saturday, Christian’s mum showed me what I had to do in the garden from time to time in the future. Trimming the grass was just one little part of it… I am actually surprised how much fun gardening is! I still have no clue what I really have to do! Maybe I should get a Gardening for Dummies book. Any recommendations on gardening books???

4. Running

High Five For Friday #22 - Running

Last Sunday was the first morning ever that I woke up early and felt the urge to take my running shoes for a run… I have been missing out a lot on my fitness project but this week, I already ran three times in the morning. I am using the 10K Runner App for the iPhone. It promises to make you fit for a 10K run in 14 weeks with exercising 3 times a week… It really starts on an absolut beginner’s level. In intervals you switch between running and walking. Within 30 minutes I ran 8 minutes in total and the remaining 22 minutes, I was just walking. But it feels great to start on this level as even I can do that!!! I will give you a proper Fitness update shortly!

5. Snails

High Five For Friday #22 - Snail

While I was out and about for my early morning run yesterday, I met this cute little fellow on the road. I love these sort of snails! Aren’t they extremely cute? I’ve also seen another snail in our garden this week. You can find the picture on my Instagram profile. Follow me there for instant updates of the weekend as well!

Your Turn:

How was your week? Please tell and join the fun! Take part in Lauren Elizabeth’s High Five For Friday and also link up with The Diary of a Real HousewifeI look forward to reading about your week! Please  let me know if  you’re stopping by from the Link-Ups so that I get a chance to visit you, too!

Happy Friday to all of you!!!

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