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¡Hasta Luego España!

My time here in Spain is almost over! I had my last day of school today. tomorrow we’ll do another trip and on Sunday I will be sitting in a plane bringing me back to London. I am really sad about having to go back but I feel so much better than two weeks ago when I left. Now I have a plan, I know what I am going to do and I have loads of things to look forward to! I am going to enjoy the last months there and do all the stuff I wanted to do the whole time and never did! I am going to see musicals, visit museums and see all the parcs!!!

These two weeks here have been absolutely amazing! I met so many nice new people and kind of had my own routine here. I went to school in the mornings and afterwards I went to the library to work a bit and surf the internet. Then it was lunch time and after that I usually met someone or went shopping, had good wine and a lot of good food! It was just great and exactly what I needed. Salamanca was not too small nor too big! I had time for myself, to think and make plans but I was never bored because there was always someone to talk to! I also learned a lot of Spanish which I am definitely going to continue!!!!

At the moment I feel more at home here in Salamanca than in London! That proofs once more how much my time in London is over! I am looking forward to the new and can’t wait to see what life has to offer to me in the future! I am curious and happy! I am glad I came here because I am not depressed anymore and feel ready and prepared for the future!

Gracias a Salamanca!!!! And also thanks to all the people who made this time here as amazing as it was!!!! :-)

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