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Have you met Johannes?

Thanks to Joanna from Another House Blog, I recently discovered the iPhone App Phoster. This awesome App, which is also available for the iPad, lets you create your own posters in just a few seconds.

I used another discovery for my very first phoster creation: Johannes.

Last year, the trend cocktail in and around Germany was Hugo – an elderflower and sparkling wine based drink topped up with lime and mint. Amazingly refreshing and not too strong.

While in South Tyrol last weekend, I discovered a new drink which was named Johannes and is more or less the same as Hugo except for the elderflower, which has been exchanged by red current (in German Johannisbeere, hence the name Johannes).

And here is how this new summer refreshment looks like on my first Phoster:


What do you think of my first Phoster? I think, I will be using it much more in the future considering its wide selection of templates. AND it is completely for free. So go ahead and try it out yourself and see how easy it is to create stunning posters in just a sec!

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