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High Five for Friday #1

I have been reading The Lauren Elizabeth Blog for quite a while now and really like her High Five for Friday Series. It is a great idea to wrap up the week and I decided to use the beginning of the new year to start engaging in this series as well. Lets see how long I will keep doing this but here comes my first High Five for Friday post of this year:

High Five For Friday

1. I made my very first own pralines and they turned out pretty awesome!!! One of my goals for the new year is giving away gifts that are self-made. Those pralines make a great gift, don’t you think?

High Five For Friday 2

2. The last day of 2013 started with a traditional German pastry called Berliner which is a kind of doughnut filled with marmalade. For New Year’s you get some special ones designed like this:

High Five For Friday 4

3. Something that cannot be left out of this High Five for Friday is New Year’s Eve. We spent it with loads of friends in my hometown and had a fantastic time. Instead of expensive fireworks we decided on simple sparklers that made our start into 2014 sparkly and fun:

High Five For Friday 3

4. On New Year’s day, we went for a new year’s walk with spectacular blue skies and sun all around us! What a great start into the new year…

High Five for Friday 5

5. In spite of all my great new year’s resolutions, we couldn’t stop ourselves from indulging in some delicious home cooked potatoes au gratin on new year’s day for dinner. I will share the recipe of this wonderfully delicious dish tomorrow but to water your mouth, here is a yummy picture:

High Five For Friday 1
As it is kind of impossible to update more than one Instagram account with just one mobile phone, I will be using my travel blog’s Instagram account. Please stop by there for instant happenings of my life.

I am so happy that it is Friday already!!! After almost two weeks of holidays, it was quite hard to be back at work today. Due to a bank holiday on Monday, we have a long weekend ahead of us and I am so going to enjoy it to its fullest!!!

Have a great weekend everybody!!! I look forward to your High Fives for Friday!!!

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2 Kommentare

    • Thanks!!! I love Instagram and taking pictures. Thus, your #1picaday idea is perfect for me!!! :-) although, I can only take part with my trael blogger account as having to Instagram accounts on one phone is pretty annoying woth logging in and out all the time! Thanks for stopping by!!!


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