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High Five For Friday #12 – Living on the Bright Side of Life

Happy Friday guys!!!! It is the end of the week again and a beautiful weekend lies ahead of us!!! I had another fantastic week! Ever since I started my new part-time job and have my afternoons for my own business and other stuff like finishing my Spanish studies, blogging and learning how to do HTML & CSS (yes, I really want to dig into these topics!!!), I feel so much better! Being able to plan my work freely and nobody there telling me when to do what is just great! I am going to post an update about how my own business is going in a bit.

Let’s come back to talking about this awesome week! Here are the highlights of my week:

High Five For Friday

1. Curry Sausage

Last weekend, we went home to my hometown to celebrate my birthday with my friends over there. On Saturday, while we were running errands for the big party that night, we felt hungry. And in my hometown region, there is nothing better for a snack than curry sausage with fries! Totally yummy and I have to have it at least once ever time I go home:

High Five For Friday - Curry Sausage

2. Pukka Tea

Another present I received from my best friend is Pukka Tea. Unfortunately, it is not available in Germany (at least as far as I know…) and therefore I am always really happy when she sends some over from the UK. They have amazing tea flavors and the little teabag sachets look extremely cute, don’t you think? Also they give the teas cool names that motivate you:

High Five For Friday - Pukka Tea

3. Cute presents

My friends down here gave me this awesome present last week for my birthday but I only received a picture at that time as the post did not deliver it in time. Thus, this week, my friend came over to bring it when it had finally arrived. It was so so cute and I absolutely love it! I can’t wait to start baking again this weekend to present my cake in there!

High Five For Friday - Birthday Gift

4. Living on the bright side of life

I am on an all time high as there is sun every single day of the week these days… We are expecting some rainy days this weekend but I don’t want to think about that for the time being! I also bought new sunglasses which improves working with my laptop on the balcony when it is warm outside…

High Five For Friday - Sunglasses

5. Travel Planning

In April, a friend of mine and me are going to Prague for a weekend and we started the travel planning process this week by finally booking the hotel. During the travel trade show I managed to get some brochures and now I am looking forward to reading those as well as my travel guide. Unfortunately, the woman at the Czech booth was not really motivated into telling me anything about her city… It is a bit sad if you go there to talk to people and want to get personal information and all the lady did was handing over some brochures… Oh well, we will figure out what to do ourselves. Having said that, please let me know, if you have any travel recommendations for Prague!

High Five For Friday - Travel Planning Prague

This has been my awesome week! How was yours? Please tell and join the fun! Take part in Lauren Elizabeth’s High Five For Friday and also link up with The Diary of a Real HousewifeI look forward to reading about your week!

Wish you all an amazing weekend ahead!!!

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