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High Five For Friday #13 – Spring, Winter and Homemade Pasta…

Spring, winter, spring… weather keeps changing every day here. Last Friday we were having another BBQ with temperatures above 20°C and not even 24 hours later it was snowing and below 0°C… this is so absolutely crazy and my body really doesn’t like these extreme changes in temperature!!!

Anyhow, I had another great week and still can’t believe that it is Friday again!!! Here comes my High Five For Friday weekly recap:

High Five For Friday at Tea Time Blog

1. New Life-Motto

High Five For Friday - Dessert

Last weekend, I found a new motto for life! I can’t believe how much I enjoy baking and preparing desserts considering that I hated it a year ago!!! I always thought I am simply not as talented as others when it comes to baking but the only thing I can advise you to do is practice, practice, practice!!! It really helps!!! I promise!! I would never have guessed a year ago that I could EVER make a swimming pool cake like the one I made for my birthday…

2. Mini Cakes for my Loved Ones

High Five For Friday - Mini Cakes

Obviously, I cannot eat everything I bake for myself and therefore, all my loved ones around me profit from my latest addiction to bake! Last weekend, I made these yummy and extremely cute cakes that I showed off on my new cake plate! This weekend, we are expecting friends over from Switzerland. What I am going to bake has yet to be decided!

3. Winter, seriously???

High Five For Friday - Winter

As I mentioned above, temperatures have dropped the beginning of the week and we “enjoyed” some winter weather with a little bit of snow. Not too much but it already made me want to stay at home, drink hot tea and eat cake until it would be gone again… But I was really brave and went outside on Sunday to take my Tree Project picture. Snow around “my” tree is a very rare occasion this year…

4. Homemade Pasta

High Five For Friday - Homemade Pasta

For my birthday, I got a new KitchenAid tool from my parents: The pasta maker! Needless to say I wanted to try it as soon as possible! Wednesday was THE day to make pasta. Christian’s sister came over as she has Wednesday afternoons off and we prepared the dough and were working a long while but the pasta that came out was truly delicious! I am going to write a separate post about making pasta shortly!!!

5. Back to Spring

High Five For Friday - Spring

After 2 days of winter, we are now back to full spring! Sun is out again and temperatures reached the 20°C mark once again over the last couple of days… My tulips looked very disappointed during the “winter days” but are now happy again that they can take a sunbath in our living room each day…

Weekend Preview:

Another awesome weekend is ahead of us! Tomorrow, we are going to see a football (soccer) match. Dortmund is playing agains Stuttgart. Of course, I am supporting Dortmund as I am from a city that is just next to Dortmund. It will be the first time for me to be in a football stadium and weather forecasts are great so that I look forward to it A LOT!!! I will keep you posted!!! For instant moments, check my Instagram Account.

Sunday will be another baking day as our friends from Switzerland are coming over. I am also looking forward to my Sunday Recipe Link-UpThis week, I am going to share another baking recipe – stay tuned!

Your Turn:

How was your week? Please tell and join the fun! Take part in Lauren Elizabeth’s High Five For Friday and also link up with The Diary of a Real HousewifeI look forward to reading about your week! Please  let me know if  you’re stopping by from the Link-Ups so that I get a chance to visit you, too!

Wish you all an amazing weekend ahead!!!

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  1. There is just so many things I like in your post today! Your motto is my motto! As the young people say (always sounds awkward to say that but how can we forget we’re now 30?!): YOLO! Since I live alone, I always end up with too much food in the fridge and too much sweets on the cake stand. Seeing the faces of my friends and their kids when I bring them something I cooked? Priceless! This moment makes doing the dishes so worth it! And what about those mini cakes? Are they lemon + poppy seeds cakes? They look so delicious – and cute! And homemade pasta: OMG! I must add this attachment to my KitchenAid and try out your pasta recipe. Enjoy the sun lady! And have a tremendous weekend! :)


    • Thanks a lot!!! I totally agree! I love making food for others and I usually put as much love into it as possible!!! Right now, I am making Pizza Muffins – my very own creation! If they turn out good, I will make a post out of it! The pasta recipe is super easy!!! During the tourism trade show, we were invited to do a cooking class at the Italian booth. Some Italian cooks taught us amazing stuff!

      The mini cakes were vanilla + poppy seed cakes with some lemon spread on top of it! I got these amazing silicon mini cake forms and just HAD to try them! There is this great German store that has all these amazing kitchen stuff! I just can’t stop myself from buying all of it… The recipe for the mini cakes is from one of my most favorite German Bloggers who recently published a baking book which I got as a present for my birthday. Her blog is: Zucker, Zimt und Liebe It is only available in German but the pictures speak for themselves!!!

      Wish you a fantastic and sunny weekend, too!!! x


  2. I love pasta but have never made it myself before. Your picture is tempting me though! You make it look so easy! Happy weekend :)


    • It is super super easy!!! A bit time consuming but not difficult at all! And for me, being in the kitchen is always relaxing! :-)


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