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High Five For Friday #19 – Engagement Edition

Wow, wow, wow!!! What a week!!! I cannot explain in words how happy I am right now!!! I have never imagined this!!! Christian caught me by surprise, totally out of the blue and I cannot stop smiling!!! Here comes the happiest High Five For Friday edition here on Tea Time Blog so far:

High Five For Friday at Tea Time Blog

1. New House

High Five For Friday - New Home

But first things first: Last Saturday, we finally received the key for our new home and started renovating right away! There is so much to do and we only have three months so the upcoming weeks will be pretty exciting only because of that… I took some “before” pictures of the place and will give you a proper update on the progress tomorrow, so stay tuned…

2. Renovations

High Five For Friday - Renovation

This week, we spent most of the time working on the house. Christian has 4 weeks off from work and is there full time. I always join him in the afternoons to help him tearing down wallpaper or getting out the old floors. I am sure by the end of the weekend, we have cleared the house from everything we don’t like and can get started on the proper work to make it a pretty and cosy home!

3. The Engagement

High Five For Friday - Engagement Ring

And then, on Wednesday, I came to our house after work around midday and I was expecting us to work on the house all afternoon – oh was I wrong… I noticed right after entering the house that something was different. Christian was not wearing his normal work clothes but some nice clothes instead… How weird that he had changed for lunch (which was asian take away by the way…), I thought.

He told me, he had a surprise for me in the living room and I was still expecting it having to do something with the house. How could I possibly have guessed what I was to find? I entered the room and saw that he wrote a long declaration of his love on one of the bare walls finishing off with the question of the questions: Will you marry me?

I was over the moon and said yes straight away after reading all of this!!! What I really love about it is that it will stay there forever! We will only cover it with white wooden panels so that it will be there for future generations to find…

The ring is absolutely stunning, don’t you think? One of my most favorite ring styles. Ever since, I am wearing it with total pride and happiness, smiling from one ear to the other…

4+5. Engagement Dinner

High Five For Friday - Engagement Dinner

I thought that after having some champagne and our asian take-away, we would go on working on the house but guess what, I was wrong again… We went home to relax a bit and for the evening, Christian made a reservation in a beautiful restaurant at the Lake of Constance in Lindau.

High Five For Friday - Engagement Dinner

It was a great evening and a fantastic ending to this most wonderful day of my life!! The food and wine were delicious and I could not have asked for more to make this a perfect day!!! I am so happy that I am now engaged to the most wonderful man!!! I am still smiling as I am writing this and it is two days later…

I feel also so extremely overwhelmed and honored for all the love we received from all of our friends and family. Everybody was so happy for us and  celebrated this amazing day with us! Thank you all for everything!!!

Now, let the wedding planning begin! As we have still a lot of work with the house and we definitely want to get married during a summer month, we will not have the wedding before next May. Thus, there is a lot of time!!! Also, my best friend is getting married next year, too and it is the most wonderful thing that we will be able to plan our weddings together!!!

Your Turn:

How was your week? Please tell and join the fun! Take part in Lauren Elizabeth’s High Five For Friday and also link up with The Diary of a Real HousewifeI look forward to reading about your week! Please  let me know if  you’re stopping by from the Link-Ups so that I get a chance to visit you, too!

Happy Friday to all of you!!!

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    • Thank you spoo much Joanna!!! I am the happiest girl on the planet right now I guess! :-) Have a beautiful weekend!!!


    • Thank you! Yes, it has been an exciting week!!! Probably the most exciting week of my whole life so far!!! :-) Thanks for stopping by! Have a lovely weekend Katie!!!


  1. Wow, what a week! I’m very happy for you! And the love declaration written on the wall? Sweetest thing I’ve heard for a long time! You definitely have a great man with you! Congratulations again to you both! :) xx


    • Thank you soooo much!!! Yes, I actually started crying because I was so happy about this truly romantic gesture!!! He really put a lot of thoughts into this and planned the whole day!!! Now, it’s wedding planning time!!! xx


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